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As we now live on the Isle of Skye here at Eilean Oir Croft, I am able to deliver knitting courses once again. Here are some of the testimonials... If you would like to join me here in my wonderful workshop for knitting, just get in touch.

Mrs. G. Shropshire - full day knitting course:

Have had a wonderful day. I've learnt so much. Thank you Yasmin you've been so patient with me. I will post you a picture of the beanie when I finish it. Hope to be back to do a 3 day knitting course next year.

Ms. M. Skye - Half day knitting course:

What can I say, I came 'knowing' Yasmin would not be able to teach me 4/5 needle knitting!!

You are amazing n teaching and giving me the confidence to achieve the start of my beanie. Thank you so much, can't wait to come back for more knitting and such fun in the nattering.

Mrs. F. Skye - Half day knitting course:

I have had a great time - thank you! Cake, tea and great company.

Mrs. S. Skye - Half day knitting course:

What a great afternoon! I haven't laughed like this in a long time. You hardly notice you are learning, but before you know it, you are knitting away on 5 needles! Could not recommend enough! Cant wait for the next one!

Mrs. M. Scotland

A really wonderful afternoon! I wish I lived closer so I could come more often... And that's just for the craic, never mind the learning.

When we stayed on the Isle of Colonsay we met several wonderful people here are their Testimonials - knitting & Testimonials B & B further down the page

Residential Gansey Knitting course:

Yasmin is a gifted teacher. When I arrived, my knitting experience was just garter stitch! Now I have done several rows of complicated pattern. I am confident I will be able to continue - and as I do, I will hear Yasmins clear instructions in my head. Thank you also to Trevor who was encouraging and supportive.

Ms. N. London.

Knitting heaven! I have learned so much and it has all been so much fun. A very special, magical je ne sais quoi will be knitted into every stitch of my gansey and it will bring me joy for ever. Thank you Yasmin

Ms. C, New Zealand.

Came for a 3 day residential course - turned into 5 days. Yasmin is a great teacher, I am taking away lots of skills and hope to return to learn more.

Mrs. S. Herefordshire

Great to get up close and personal with the sheep and feel their fleeces. Yasmin is a wonderful teacher - the Gansey is so easy to do after all her wonderful tips and techniques. fabulous wool to work with. A very relaxed time learning, knitting, chatting. Can't wait to come back and do more!

Ms. H, South Cumbria.

Short - Day Knitting course:

A fabulous day knitting. Thank you Yasmin. You are a brilliant patient and encouraging teacher. I can't wait to come again.

Ms. F. London

An enjoyable learning experience! Great company and great tips and hints. Highly recommended.

Ms. G. Angus

Lovely afternoon - well spent in good company and I enjoyed learning new knitting skills - Thanks!

Ms. S. Musselburgh

We so enjoyed meeting you both - so much fun and inspiration, and everything perfect. Good luch and soo you again soon. And we loved the knitting!

Mrs K. Somerset & Mrs & Mr. G. Moray.

Jlaryruwe orpauhoe ygobaibertie ot bezahue! Had a great time, from knitting 'purl' and learned English style of knitting! Definately recommend to do it & enjoy!! from Russia with love!!

Mrs. S. Northumberland

Wonderful time - as ever. Please make these courses day long - with biscuits!

Mrs. I. Midlothian

Lovely afternoon - Thank you - Lots of wonderful tips!

Ms. S. Inverness

A lovely morning of learning (much more than knitting) & chatting. Thank you

Ms. M. Cheshire

A wonderful sunny afternoon of knitting and chatting.

Ms. H, Hebden Bridge

Knitting course:

"Loved every moment. With mucho thanks - till the next time!".

Mrs. R, Shropshire

Knitting course:

"Fantastic! Loved seeing the sheep and am now inspired to knit more!".

Mrs. R, London

Knitting course:

"Wonderful and entertaining: Biscuits were really good. Actually learned a lot about knitting too".

Mrs. S, Sterling

Knitting course:

"Thankee! They've said it all, I've enjoyed your thoughtful, clear instructions, biscuits, Earl Grey and conversation - it's been a memorable afternoon. Ooh! and also did a bit of knitting! Yea!".

Mrs. S, Putney

Knitting course:

"What a lovely way to spend three hours - it went so quickly! Lovely shortbread and coffee and learned so much from someone with a great way of teaching and sense of humour. Thank you".

Miss. S, Putney Aged 11¾

Knitting course:

"Thank you, it was great to learn how to cast on properly and how to purl. It was great fun and the time flew by so quickly".

Miss. M, London Aged 12

Knitting course:

"Thank you for teaching me how to knit! I found it quite hard but hopefully I will understand it in time".

Miss. S, Putney Aged 11¾

Knitting course:

"What a wonderful afternoon, we've met the sheep and loved the knitting and the setting as well as improved our knitting skills. Thank you. Can't wait till next year".

Mrs. W, Leeds

Knitting course:

"Thank you ever so much! It has been so much fun learning new things! I can't wait to finish it off and knit lots more. I loved meeting the sheep too, they are lovely and so fabulous to see the 'wool' first. I've really loved it, and hope to see you next year".

Miss. W, Leeds

Knitting course:

"It came as a real surprise when I saw her work at the pier. From there I was on a mission to seek her out and communicate with her. It was easily done and I've had the most delightful time with this extraordinary and inspiring woman. I wish I could spend many more hours with her, and I hope I will".

Mrs. B, Kent

Knitting course:

"I tried really hard to get my knitting perfect, I loved my design and I would have loved for the tutor to help me finish it all...".

Miss. S, Aged 11¾

Knitting course:

"When I first heard about the workshop I didn't know what to expect! Now I know that I should have expected fun! I enjoyed learning and listening to the expertise which helped me along the way. I think this experience will always make me think of Colonsay XX".

Miss. S, Aged 12½

Knitting course:

"Thank you very much! A complete novice to knitting. I feel I can now have a go at home. Knitted cows still some way off I fear. Great fun".

Mrs. P, Birmingham

Knitting course:

" Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. You made me feel that no knitting slip-up is a problem and that anything's possible. Hurray! I've learned how to knit".

Mrs. A, York

Knitting course:

" So enjoyed my precious hours of knitting, delving back into long-forgotten childhood stitches. Thank you for being so patient, re-teaching me the basics. I feel very inspired to carry on and love that I'll have a sheepy momento for this beautiful place. Hope to be back!".

Mrs. E, London

Knitting course:

"Fabulous! Had a wonderful time, learnt far more than I thought was possible, with great company. And fantastic value too!".

Mrs. M, Edinburgh

Knitting course:

"Enjoyed the knitting, learned some good tips and had a good laugh - what more could you want!".

Ms. M, Staffs.

Knitting course:

"Lovely morning, wonderful teacher and good company, thank you".

Ms. G, Brandiston

Knitting course:

"Inspires me to try more adventurous patterns - Thanks".

Ms. H, Colonsay

Knitting course:

"Learnt 3 or 4 new techniques and really enjoyed it Thanx".


Knitting course:

"Fantastic afternoon - learned a lot, great company".

Mrs. G, Glasgow

Knitting course:

"Great afternoon - superb teacher who shared her enthusiasm".

Mrs.G, Oundle

Knitting course:

"Really great! I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you".

Mrs.I, Midlothian

Knitting course:

"A wonderful afternoon, a new obsession. Thank you".

Ms. P

Knitting course:

"Thank you for a truly inspiring afternoon, great fun and lovely company and clear, patient teaching. I now understand why knitting is so addictive! Many, many thanks".

Mrs.O, Cumbria

Knitting course:

"I did a knitting course - very clear instructions - patient teacher. The tutor is perfect for running these courses in their beautiful home, great humour and patience, notwithstanding her amazing skill. Thank you for your hospitality".

Ms.A, Argyll

Knitting course:

"What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, learning new techniques in a wonderful setting with a very patient teacher".

Mrs.R, Sussex

" A relaxing afternoon. Lovely sheep."

Mrs. L, Perthshire

"Found a new passion. Especially good with all the girls"

Mr. R, Sussex

Knitting course:

"I never thought I'd get so far in an afternoon! Great teaching and patience with a left-hander! Great way to spend an afternoon. Many thanks!

Mrs. W, London

Testimonials - Products - Gansey


"The Geansaidh arrived safely today. It seems to have worked out well, and the patterning is beautiful. But probably what impressed me most, straight away was the wool itself - the springiness and the colour. With the autumn sun slanting across, it seems to light up with all sorts of green and blue flecks. It is very dark, with more of that scrunchy springiness than you find in mainstream wool"

Mr. S. Esposito, Australia


"Fantastic!! it arrived today, I can't believe the super quality of my Gansey. The workmanship is outstanding - worth every dollar and more! I will treasure this forever...

Mr. S. Maine, Canada.

Testimonials - Bed & B

"Fab food, fab host and hostess, beautiful location. Sad to leave and can't wait to come back"

Ms. H, Cumbria

"Weather atrocious but the warm welcome make up for it. Food and hospitality - 5 star. Hope to make it back in the summer, thank you so much."

Mr. G, Glasgow

"First visit to Colonsay on a business trip, but my stay make me wish it was a personal trip. Thank you for a star treatment!!!

Mr. N, Glasgow

"Thank you for making us so welcome... First Class!!

Mr F & Mr. M, Inverness

"we have both enjoyed our stay at Col Na Sithe. The accommodation and food were perfect. Thank you so much for being such wonderful hosts."

Mr & Mrs. B, Buckinghamshire

"Fantastic hospitality, food and location. Will be back for a holiday-for sure

Thanks so much for your charming introduction to your wonderful island. Mushrooms everywhere! You supported our programme making with grace and hospitality.

This is the way a B & B should be done. Very well done!!! Thank you so much!

Thank you for such excellent hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay whil filming our documentary. Will come back with 'family' in tow!"

BBC 4 Documentary team.

"Beautiful setting, excellent accommodation, superb food! What more could we ask for? Thank you for making us feel so welcome in your wonderful home.".

Mr. & Mrs. L, Northumberland

"Ode to Col Na Sithe! So homely, Col Na Sithe swathed in hospitality... What more could a girl need! see you soon".

Mrs. M. Perth & Kinross

"Marvelous weekend - Loved it all. Thank you".

Mrs. R, Isle of Cumbrae

"Thank you very much for your kindness. Very beautiful place. I want to come back again with my husband".

Mrs. & Miss. K, Japan

"Lovely to be back on our favourite island. Excellent accommodation! Thank you for looking after us so well!".

Mr. & Mrs. C, St. Andrews

"What an excellent visit to your lovely house and hospitality. Thank you!".

Mr. & Mrs. W, Scotland

"All I can say is WOW! The island, the food and hospitality in this wonderful place... One of my best holiday experiences ever!! Yes! I agree!! The scenic places are so magnificent and your house is absolutely lovely, hope to visit you soon again".

Mr. & Mrs. A, Sweden

"Lovely warm welcome! Thank you for the hospitality, such comfortable room, food and the Open Golf!".

Mr. & Mrs. M. East Lothian

"Had a great stay. Warm welcome, good food, great company. Hope to be back".

Mr. & Mrs B, Strathaven

"Cant imagine a nicer place to stay and everything provided with such thought and kindness - really made out holiday on this beautiful island - Thank you".

Mr. & Mrs. L, West Midlands

"Second to none hospitality and comfort. Came highly recommended and lived up to it. Thanks".

Mr& Mrs. F, Helensburgh

"What a fantastic stay! Breakfasts were amazing! Thank you for your warm hospitality, look forward t seeing you next year.".

Mrs. P, Dubai 

"I've had a brilliant stay, thank you both so much! Lovely accommodation and what a treat to be so well looked after!! Next time we'll be getting the whole family in for an evening meal. Just fabulous....".

Ms. P, Kilbarchan

"Decide not rashly the decision made can never be recalled. But you will never rue the day you decided to stay here. Slainte".

Mr.M, Oban

"Thank you so much for making us so welcome - a real home from home! Had a great time - can't wait to come back next year".

Mr & Mrs. M, Gourock

"I had to write and say thank you both for a lovely few days. You will be in my memory for the rest of my life. I'll be back one day. Thank you again. First class hospitality, first class people".

Mr. J, Surrey

"Thank you so much for making us so welcome - a real home from home!Had a great time - can't wait to come back next year!"

Mr. G, Notts

"Great hospitality, wonderful time, I'll be back! Best B & B"

Mr. G, Surrey

"Thank you for your friendly hospitality, a wonderful meal and the most comfortable bed anywhere! perfect weather..."

Mr.& Mrs. N, London

"Thank you to you, for a perfect place to return to after a day outdoors, whatever the weather. Great hospitality"

Mr.& Mrs. S, Spean Bridge

"Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, delicious food and perfect accommodation. I really felt well taken care of"

Ms. C, Oban

"Wonderful welcome, very good equipment, comfortable bed, tasty food, altogether a memorable visit"

Mr. G, Notts

"As comfortable as home, but without the work! Excellent location and we have been looked after wonderfully. Many, many thanks"

Mr. B, Bedfordshire

"The best B & B I've ever stayed in. We were made to feel so welcome in their beautiful home and the food was delicious. We're so sorry to leave and look forward to the next visit"

Mrs. B, Bedfordshire

"Thank you for such a warm and friendly welcome in your lovely house. The combination of sea air, delicious food, deep bath and heavenly bed resulted in the best night's sleep I've ever had away from home!"

Mrs.O, Cumbria

"I loved staring in your beautiful home. The bed was very difficult to get out of... So Comfortable. Thank you for your warm welcome and kind hospitality."

Ms. A, Argyll

Testimonials - Products

“Quality and presentation of the knitted goods is superb, love wearing them. The lamb is delicious and certainly brings a taste of Colonsay to the mainland. Extremely professional company to deal with. Thank you!”

Mrs G., Peterborough, England

“Just a quick note - lamb received with thanks - it was excellent."

Mr J, Fife, Scotland

Wonderful, high-quality goods from a very friendly and professional company based in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I'm so pleased that real traditional skills are still out there. The girls are all very, very pleased with their wrist warmers and hats. Hope to see you soon and keep up the good work!”

Mrs P, Leicestershire, England

"Visiting the homeland of my forefathers, Colonsay, I was so impressed with the island the quality of produce you make there. It's all absolutely beautiful and I will be returning one day and ordering again via your website soon. Thanks to all of you and especially all at Heb Isles.”

Mrs T, Pennsylvania, USA

"A real highlight of our visit was seeing the knitwear that you are producing. We also have gansey in Holland but the details of your patterns are just amazing. How on earth do you have the patience to knit them by hand. My husband and I were very impressed and our touchstone and purse remind us of our wonderful holiday - that we can still touch today! Tot ziens!”

Mrs v. h. Veld, Utrecht, Netherlands

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