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This title is currently out of print.

Dutch Traditional Ganseys

by Stella Ruhe

to purchase directly from Island at the Edge.

"Stella Ruhe collected many patterns and motifs and had the ganseys reknit using modern yarns. This book contains historical and new photographs, sketches and charts for all the ganseys, which you can use to knit a gansey from your favourite fishing village".

This fabulous hard back book demonstrates the evolution of Gansey knitting from it's roots in the UK. 176 pages of sheer Gansey bliss, very interesting background information and brilliant pattern explanations. A real must for any traditional knitter.

Just arrived and in stock now!

Shipping worldwide.

Only £19.99 plus postage and packing.

You can knit your very own Gansey, with easy to follow patterns and charts.

UK postage & packing: £9.00

Europe postage & packing: £11.00

US postage & packing £15.00 (basic) £22.00 signed for. 


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Happy Knitting...

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